11. Q.- Is the Government Procurement Toollkit by Ursal updated with the new 2016 Revised Implementing Rules and Regulations of RA 9184, and other recent issuances?

10. Q.- Is the “America First Policy” recently announced by newly installed U.S. President Donald Trump the first time that such policy is declared in the United States?

9. Q.- Under the Procurement Law, is the agency head at all times bound to award the procurement of a product to the lowest bid? Stated differently, is the agency head precluded by law to choose a product of better quality but at a higher price?

8. Q. – May a Local Chief Executive (LCE) ban the procurement by his agency of products from a foreign country like China?

7. Q.- Are foreign contractors eligible to participate in the public bidding of Philippine infrastructure projects?

6. Q.- Is COA always compliant in its transactions with Procurement Law?

5. Q.- What lesson can be learned from the post procurement reform assessment of the Philippine experience?

4. Q.- What are some of the high-profile cases on procurement investigated by the Ombudsman?

3. Q.- What are the possible liabilities of BAC Observers?

2. Q.- What are the qualifications to be Observer?

1. Q.- What is the composition of the Observers of the Bids and Awards Committee (BAC)?