10. Q.- If a house or building is destroyed by storm, flood, fire or other calamity, can the owner request for a cancellation of its assessment in case of total loss, or a reduction of assessment in case of partial loss of the real property? Explain the procedure.

9. Q.- If you fail to pay the basic Real Property Tax on your land when due for a period of ten years, how much shall you pay: (a) in penalty charges; and (b) on the principal of the basic real property tax?

8. Q.- Fully explain the rights of owners in case their property is declared delinquent.

7. Q.- What are the nine (9) Basic Rights of Real Property Owners with regard to their obligation to pay the real property tax?

6. Q.- Discuss the real property owner’s ‘right to be informed of the assessment of his real property’.

5. Q.- Explain how the ‘right to appeal the assessment of the assessor’ is expercised.

4. Q.- What is the recourse of the property owner if the local treasurer refuses or neglects to act on his claim/s?

3. Q.- What is a “Declaration of Real Property”, or Real Property Tax Declaration? What is its importance to property owners?

2. Q.- What information and data are contained in the Tax Declaration?

1. Q.- Can foreigners acquire real property in the Philippines?