9. Q.- (a) Are all professionals required to pay the Professional Tax? (b) Where should the tax be paid? (c) How much is the amount of the tax? (d) Who are exempt from the payment of the tax?

8. Q.- What are the fundamental principles governing the exercise of the taxing and other revenue-raising powers of Philippine local government units under the law?

7. Q.- What is the extent of the supervision of the Department of Finance (DOF) over the treasury and assessment services of provinces, cities and municipalities?

6. Q.- May Philippine cities, municipalities and provinces hire private parties to collect local taxes in consideration for certain commissions or percentage of the taxes collected?

5. Q.- (a) Is “double taxation” prohibited in the Philippines? (b) When is double taxation ‘objectionable’ or ‘obnoxious’, and hence prohibited?

4. Q.- When may a Businessman refuse to submit his books of accounts to the Local Treasurer’s representative for tax examination?

3. Q.- How may a Taxpayer enforce or assert his Rights as enumerated in the preceding paragraph?

2. Q.- What are the Taxpayer’s Rights with respect to Business Taxes, Licenses, Fees and Charges imposed and collected by Local Government Units?

1. Q.- What are the types of local taxes and other imposts which may be levied by local governments?