10. Q.- With the forthcoming May 2018 barangay officials’ elections, it is essential for first-time candidates, and even for re-electionists, to know the powers and functions at least, of the Punong Barangay and the Sangguniang Barangay; viz:

9. Q.-  What are the powers and functions of the Punong Barangay pertaining to the management of the finances of the barangay?

8. Q. – What are the different income sources of the Philippine barangay (village) government?

7.  Q. – (1) What is the role of the barangay (village) government in the scheme of Philippine Government? (2) How are barangay officials compensated? (3) What other benefits are barangay officials entitled aside from honoraria?

6. Q.- What statutory or budgetary guidelines must be observed in preparing the barangay annual budget?

5. Q.- Is there any penalty for a Punong Barangay who fails to prepare and submit the annual barangay budget on time?

4. Q.- Who is the barangay official authorized to disburse barangay funds?

3. Q.- What is the procedure for the disbursement of barangay funds? Or how are vouchers and payrolls certified and approved?

2. Q.- What are the parts of the barangay annual budget?

1. Q.- What is the importance of the Barangay Budget?