11. Q. Is there a law penalizing public officials for receiving gifts on any occasion, including Christmas?

10. Q. What is the “Rule of Thumb” as to Preventability of Graft in Government:?

9. Q. In terms of their preventability, how may the different forms of Graft committed by public officers in government be categorized?

8. Q.- (a) Is the SALN effective in unearthing ill-gotten wealth of corrupt public officials? (b) What reforms may be recommended to make SALN effective?

7. Q.- How to file administrative action against abusive public officials.

6. Q.- Explain ‘Civil Action for Damages’ as a citizen’s remedy against official abuse.

5. Q.- Briefly discuss the process of Impeachment as a remedy against official abuse.

4. Q.- What are the remedies available to citizens who are victims of abuses by public officials?

3. Q.- In the book ANTI-GRAFT GUIDEBOOK there is mention about the “Cycle of Corruption”. Please explain what it is about.

2. Q.- What are the powers of Agency Head over funds and property?

1. Q.- What are the powers and responsibilities of Government Agency Heads?