12. Q.- How shall abusive impeachable officials, who have committed impeachable crimes but have escaped impeachment due to strong network of political alliances, be made to account for their misdeeds?

11. Q. Is there a law penalizing public officials for receiving gifts on any occasion, including Christmas?

10. Q. What is the “Rule of Thumb” as to Preventability of Graft in Government:?

9. Q. In terms of their preventability, how may the different forms of Graft committed by public officers in government be categorized?

8. Q.- (a) Is the SALN effective in unearthing ill-gotten wealth of corrupt public officials? (b) What reforms may be recommended to make SALN effective?

7. Q.- How to file administrative action against abusive public officials.

6. Q.- Explain ‘Civil Action for Damages’ as a citizen’s remedy against official abuse.

5. Q.- Briefly discuss the process of Impeachment as a remedy against official abuse.

4. Q.- What are the remedies available to citizens who are victims of abuses by public officials?

3. Q.- In the book ANTI-GRAFT GUIDEBOOK there is mention about the “Cycle of Corruption”. Please explain what it is about.

2. Q.- What are the powers of Agency Head over funds and property?

1. Q.- What are the powers and responsibilities of Government Agency Heads?