This Website is maintained by lawyer Sofronio B. Ursal, a retired Commissioner of the Philippine Commission on Audit (1992 to 1999).

One of the objectives of this Website is to disseminate the available publications on good governance books which are listed in the PUBLICATIONS SECTION. These books are available in the Philippines at National Book Store, Central Book Supply, Fully Booked, and Popular Bookstore, and their branches nationwide. Prepaid foreign orders are also accepted in US dollar currency plus cost of freight.

More importantly, this Website is intended to propagate good governance issues to the public, as a continuing contribution to the enhancement of  public service, however modest it may be, which the author had served for half a century of his life.   As a platform for this purpose, there is an AUTHOR’S OPINION SECTION in the Website written in Question and Answer Format.

Philippine Government officials and employees, and the general public as well, may write in the FEEDBACK SECTION concerning their comments of the posts, or may send in questions for the author to respond in the OPINION SECTION,  on any matter pertaining to Philippine Government Auditing, Government Procurement, Graft and Corruption, Local Government Taxation, and Barangay or Village Finance. When sending in questions to be answered please indicate your name and location.

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